Shoes Wanted.

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Shoes Wanted.
Shoes Wanted. by EffYeahLeoFashionista featuring leopard print wedges

So I want to learn how to walk in heels better, even wedges. Ever since I started creating my own shitty DIY fashion (those Mcqueen armadillo's have now become a strange piece of furniature in my room, a statuette of some sort). I recently bought some gladiator sandals for summer time now, but I would really appreciate something with a chunky heel on it. Everyone keeps saying that it's too hot and late to wear boots nowadays because of the hot weather, but I just can't live without them. I wear my brogues religiously alongside my other shoes, but I'm getting lightly affixed to having my feet closed in. The sandals should be a good opening for me to  have my toes exposed for the sun to kiss (bow down to me sun and kiss my toes lol). I'm hoping to invest more in shoes and not pants or tights. I want fashionable shorts also, seeing as of how it's getting too hot to wear knitted tights now. -_- everything that I love in fashion is becomming unfitting for the season. If I am to take into my possesion new shoes in my liking, I'll be happier than nothing to post images of them.

-Ashley xxx