Awaiting for Summer

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(Clement Chabernaud, Chloe, and a DIY studded collar)

If any of you have been looking about lately, Target had brought back every Go!International collection back to their stores recently. I was lucky enough this Friday to have scored a bunch of designer pieces at a fraction of the cost, like the lolita like Erin Featherton black chiffon dress, the Jonathan Saunders polkadot dress, and a mock version of Proenza's PS1 bag in metallic leather. And all for around 6-11 bucks. I'm contemplating weather to sell some artwork or do commissioned pieces for money this summer, because I'll be needing a fresh wardrobe for next year. I've grown out of my phase of wearing something because it's in, moreso things that are grungy and too trendy. A rather biased, pretentious person I know had the nerve to say lately that I'm into fashion yet I don't dress like fashion.
It was  major "what the fuck but ok" moment for me.
I also have friends who try to channel dead and gone celebrities which kind of wierds me out.
School's almost out and I'm looking foreward to a great summer by myself and away from everyone.

-Ashley xxx