It's almost over...

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These are a bunch of exerpts from various art books that I've made over the year. This is the end of my sophmore year of highschool oddly enough, the awkward rite of becoming a Junior near. I've encountered several biggots and judgemental christians alongside fully embracing my homosexuality as the gift that it is. I've also realized that chasing after people to spark friendships and pleasing others not warranting of my time isn't needed to acomplish some sort of happiness. I've become closer to the most unlikely of people and drifted farther from people to save my sanity. This has been a great year.
I've become a better artist and a better person, not to mention that I stopped my habit of compulsive lying. I've upgraded my wardrobe to things that I want to wear and not just trendy things to get attention. I've challenged the opinions and thoughts of everyone around me, and I'm proud of that.
Until next year.
Ashley xxx