Proenza Shouler PS1

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Proenza Schouler army bag
$2,350 -

I was lucky as of late to score one of these covetable bags! Though it wasn't at this price of course, I'm happy to finally own one of these bags from a recent sample sale I went to. If any of you have noticed, tophandle bags and structured totes have become a fashion staple as of late. On this past Friday to a trip to Target, the franchise was advertisting their take on both the Proenza bag and several others from Moschino and Chloe. Alexander Mcqueen has a very small, cute version in a nice supple white leather (from their spring/summer 2011 collection). I've become facinated with owning more designer pieces as of late. I've had several people call me materialistic for wanting such things, but I really enjoy having good quality clothing. I'm young, yes, but what does that have to do with anything? I'm not a fashion whore or slave, and calling me materialistic is an overstatement. I haven't been up to cue on the designer trends because they seem to be just about the same thing as last year. I'm not obsessed with any up and comming designer and I'm dissapointed that the Alexander Mcqueen:Savage Beauty exhibition won't come to other major cities. Here in Nashville, we got the artwork from the Musee D'Orsay and a Hinduism exhibit at the Frist Center. We were lucky enough to get a Couture exhibit also, but I never got to see the Madame Gres or Dior confections. The demographic here is much to based around music, and when it comes to fashion everyone seems to be fixated with Ed Hardy, Hollister, and western wear. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but there's no outlet for high fashion. We recently got a Nordstrom at our highend mall yet there hasn't been much talk about it. We're also getting a Michael Kors outlet, but who does that naturally cater to? I'm not a working woman who spends most of her time in country clubs and gambling in Monaco. At the sample sale I went to where I snagged my PS1, no one there knew anything about Proenza Schouler. I was the only one to score the bag! There were several designers present to buy, but more played out labels like Gucci and Fendi whom have been lacking in the fashion world as of late. That is my opinion of course, but that's all that anyone was drawn to. The fashionista's here in Nashville shop online or dive into thrift stores. We have an Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, but what the fuck? Not everyone wants to dress like a hipster. Alot of the girls at my place of education wear thrifted finds, but they aren't even tasteful. Just because you wear a long floral maxi skirt and Chanel inspired chain bags doesn't mean your doing a service to fashion at all. With my recent purchase, I feel as if I'm helping myself to move onward past what's being put in front of me fashion wise in my city.

At least somebody had enough taste to have this for sale at the sample sale.

-Ashley xxx