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"Junkyard Marylin Monroe"
Found objects, recycled trash, acrylic, and watercolor on matboard

I got the inspiration to make this piece from watching a very moving documentary. In Brazil( Rio de Jenaro to be exact), if you fall on hard times you are subjected to dig through mounds and mounds of trash in the landfills to find recyclable materials. In the documentary, Brazilian artist Vik Muniz goes to a landfill and interviews the people who work there finding garbage, or "pickers". He takes around 7 of them, both male and female, and creates portraits of them in homage to already known paintings yet with a modern edge. Watching this really made me think throuroghly about alot of things. For instance, Vik wanted to introduce the workers to a world outside of their poverty stricken lives yet his cohorts wanted to still hender them. I was often annoyed when those conversations came up because it shows weather poor or rich, people are always trying to hender you. The workers ended up living forfilling lives except for one, who died of lung cancer from being a smoker. The documentary also made me inspired to create this piece in homage to the film and how we recycle pop culture icons. If you look closer at the contents I chose for the picture, I filled with plastic beaded jewelry, pornography from smut magazines, fattening food wrappers, glass, a few sequined hearts, and old paint chips.  I actually smothered the picture in garbage juice (yuck) , so it has a slight smell to it, yet it's supposed to. We as a society all over the world put too much importance on popularity and people unworthy of attention where there are people out there in this world with real potential, just like the subjects of the documentary.