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Hello readers! I've been on a minor hiatus obviously from my usual rounds when it comes to fashion blogging, yet I am here yet again as always. I can't keep my mouth shut about fashion to save myself, but it works out well in this situation all the time. After all, I am a fashion blogger : it's my job to give you all my insight into such a titular industry. Recently, I have baffled myself on my cynical attitude towards fashion's copious amount of designers whom are getting offended in all terms by what fashion bloggers like me have to say.

Almost anyone can be a cynic on just about anything, yet when it comes to the field and grand world of fashion ones cynicism can be apparent, especially when they are displeased with what they are seeing being produced. Everyone can become and or seem overtly cynical when it comes to giving their honest opinions about fashion. Like eyes, almost everyone has their own opinion, yet some are more insightful than others. Fashion in general is subjected to stark criticism everyday, so when i was browsing an article in W magazine about designer's getting offended by blogger commentary about them, I was appalled. It's subject matter is taxing due to the over generalisations as to what fashion is "is" and what we make of it, so what nerve does a designer have to get offended by a comment made about them? Have they forgotten what industry they have entered themselves into? I'm not speaking about designer's whom are not seasoned enough to be considered mainstays in the industry, yet those whom are the complete opposite.

In all honesty, no one can ever really explain or give a sound, definite definition as to what fashion is. Overall the term "fashion" is just a word, yet when it is attached to a labelled context of rules it becomes impersonal and singular in it's meaning. No one knows what fashion means at all, but we have designers whom make it what it is today. There have been fashion designers and critics for as long as this industry has been thriving, and we all just know that as opinionated beings that we all have a personal preferences as to what it means to us when a designer produces something that is unfitting to our personal tastes. Well known critics and bloggers alike are going to talk, and I feel as if designer's should be able to take what's being dished to them like the respectable individuals that they boast to be.

In my opinion, there are a lot of distasteful gestures being made on fashion's behalf by these designers. This opinion, which has become increasingly valid to me, fashion's outlook is not a good one as of late. When was the last time that anyone was wowed beyond belief by a particular collection? Will people be talking about Marc Jacob's Spring 2012 collection 20 years from now? The fashion industry has become staler than the cheap potato chips that fashion's recent and biggest proprietor's dare not dine on just to fit into the seemingly stellar looks from Gucci's Spring 2012 collection ( a collection that I have recently blogged about). These distasteful gestures are mainly being made by well known design patriarchs, whom help power the world of fashion. Being that they make up a major part of the fashion world's machine-like force, they do the most damage to it. In truth, the fashion world revolves heavily upon garments being made by these designers. All the designer does is create the garment, yet it's what goes into the process that has helped give fashion the creative license that we all crave for.

Perhaps I have doted on this particular subject for too long or have spoken about it numerous times. It should now be apparent as to how unoriginality depresses me, especially when it comes to the acquired passion that I love the most. I love fashion with all of my being, so you understand how angry I could possibly be at designers not listening to commentary from outside and insider critics alike. I'm tired of being served the same dish over and over, designer's are fattening up our minds with jauntily created collections that aren't serving a purpose anymore. Designers are making labels, not clothes that many will remember anymore.