Twombly, Prince, Condo, and Currin

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As of late I've been feeling a strange, serene calm shrouding over my mental states as well as my physical presence. Almost everything I thought I liked has been defiled with mental maturing alongside those things being naturally phased out of my life. I suppose that we all grow up sometimes, but it's not as if it's always a bad thing. I'm more than happy to allow new things and aspects to enter my life and change me for the better and into the person I really want to be.

I've been studying and stalking the art world from a distance seeing as of how I don't have insider acess yet, however by looking from a far I am able to personally interpret what is going on from both a bystander's point of view as well as an artists point of view. Some artists are really sticking to me more than others, and be it that they have been coined as run-of-the-mill, they still make a lasting impression on both my own artwork and my asthetic apeal to what I consider as art.

I've been stalking: Richard Prince, John Currin, George Condo, and currently Cy Twombly whom to my misfortune died last year (this fact came only yesterday to me when I was looking him up on Wikipedia to get more information about him, or what the web allows me to get). John Currin makes sexuality humorous with his vivid interpretations of dolled up women and masturbation.

I love how John Currin conveys a semi-sexist approach to his works by showing innocence in the face of his female figures, whom he quoted in the September 2011 Vanity Fair that they actually represented himself. I recently found out that I'd actually pasted one of his paintings of amazingly busty women i one of my deconstruction books, which was suprising. In a way, I've always liked his work without even knowing whom the artist was behind it. George Condo and Richard Prince both have a cute little way of representing themselves within their work, whether it be Condo's cartoonist-like interpretations of himself of Prince's appropriated pulp fiction book cover paintings.

With this, I hope they continue to inspire me. I have a bunch of work I need to share with you all, which should come soon if I get my lazy ass to work.