Idol Worship: What Makes Us Really Love A Celebrity?

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Our modern world materializes off of vanity and desire for the immaculate, the perfect, and the incomprehensible need to be something glorified. The topic on our societies mind lately has become such a mainstay that it has over the years lost it's luster and contreversial appeal. In this grand age of vanity and glory, the topic of modern day idol worship consumes many and envelops them in a tight grasp. These idols are your typical celebrities the world over, those whom grace the covers of lifestyle magazines and television screens, all on objects of desire and societal symbols that have become pinnacle things of our admiration.

Here they are, celebrities from every walk of life whom are appealing in every way and fashion, but why exactly do we make them so special? Why do we love them?

We are all human beings, and sure, being celebrated is a wonderful thing, but why has it become so acceptable and alright to put other's on a pedestal? We may not notice that we do it from time to time, yet many of us worship our neighbors and individuals far away from our minds for what they represent in society and for that only. If this idol is liked for any reason at all, many will soon follow in a typical admirer's footsteps and glorify them. Sure, it seems simple and harmless at times, but this tender admiration often becomes savage obsession.

Whatever the cause may be for this admiration, which varies depending on the individual. It takes some genuine time to disect where anyone's feelings sprout from, especially in this situation. Speaking with many on the topic of modern day idol worship, I have found that some of these individuals' obsession comes from the lacking of self esteem and wanting to emulate this certain human idol. Many seem to follow these idols because everyone else is doing it, not because it is of their own choice.

It seems natural to want to emulate another individual for what they have or because of their physical apperance, yet what matters is where this need to emulate sprouts from. The question to ask one's self if whether it comes from genuine admiration or an obsessive need to be someone that will be idolized as well. Are you wanting to be just as celebrated or do you want certain characteristics? It is time for all of us to evaluate why we worship so many people whom in actuality are just as flawed as ourselves.