Mark Squires 2007

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Elle (US) February 2007
High Definition
Photography by Mark Squires
Model: Katerina Ivanovska

I have been looking for this editorial, or at least thinking about it, for a long time now. I had torn out this editorial back in 2007 when I was still a fashion sapling in middle school, yet I saved a few of the original paper images back in my first deconstruction book my freshman year of highschool. The theme of the book was very futuristic, and being creative I spawned an original character from the images above that I did keep. Unfortunately I wasn't able to save all of them since magazines have he cursed way of being double sided (believe me, I've had to choose which image I really wanted from an amazing editorial from time to time). I took some time to try and find this editorial and it easilly popped up during the first search alongside other editorials that I forgot about that I'd also loved.

I really love this type of photography, mixing industrial elements with cutting edge high fashion. Both played out to be a good mixture in this photo shoot, and the colors are amazing from the lights. It's good to see old Balenciaga, D & G, and Fendi clothing that I used to fetishise over when I was younger back in 2007. It really makes me wonder what I can dig up now.