Flea Market Finds

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"Soft potty seat"

"holographic Virgin Mary picture"

"Dog collar"

"Scared and afraid girl in chair game"

"Korean anime drawing board"

"Articles of daily use sewing kit"

I noticed a big trend with bright colors, such as neon pink, in all of these items. I went to the local flea market with my grandmother last Saturday during an inpromptu trip around town. I couldn't resist taking my camera with me to photograph all of the wares being sold, not to mention the great ethnic food that I never got a chance to sample (bummer).

I came home with all of these items in my head, yet I only physically was able to buy the sewing kit for a measly $1.50, which I will put to good use one day when making clothes. I've always had this deep rooted obsession with things like this. I guess it comes from my upbringing, where I was raised alongside this sort of unseen culture in items like these. I used to be facinated with the Asians and Pakistani's whom sold these things at the dollar stores and flea markets because there was always something so unAmerican about them. My favorite items were the faux-Barbie dolls, who were sold in boxes with cheaply sewn, but one of a kind clothes.

I feel bad that I didn't look at the back of the box of this "Baby Beautiful" doll, yet the cover of the box was just as enticing. I remember having a fake Barbie with the same sort of face. I wonder how they ever got the mold own to the T, yet the plastic and rubber used is always poor quality due to cost. I love the Anime on the box cover the most.

This doll took the cake actually because of the over usage of disney princesses. This doll was of less quality, but the dresses were really pretty and chintzy. Hopefully one day I can get back to the flea market and actually purchase something like this.