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Full Length Armor Ocean Blue (An Ocean Blue)

·         '80s Hair: Bernita
·         Action-Hogging Opening: To some extent. Full Armor Ocean Blue is a pretty intense show yet the opening is even more intense.
·         Aliens Speaking English: And Japanese in the separate dubs.
·         All Love Is Unrequited: Subverted between the minor rift between Hiro, Katsuro, Magdalene and even Hiro, Will, and Susan slightly.
·         Ancient Astronauts: The Ocean Blue armors are supposedly built from ancient blue prints left by an unnamed alien civilization, not to mention the indication that aliens had already traveled to Earth centuries ago and introduced the technology that built the atomic bomb.
·         Anyone Can Die: Celine, Lucian, and Will
·         Assimilation Plot: Besides terraforming and taking over the galaxy, OBJECT wants to assimilate all these space cultures into being just like humans, as if that’s important. This is done in ‘secret’ with every single blind lie and speech given to their operatives in believing the true motives of their organization.
·         Badass Crew: The whole crew that is a part of the OBJECT and Ocean Blue project is amazing and they know it.
·         Bastard Boyfriend: Rick, Katsuro, Will, and Kurtz
·         Bizarre Alien Biology: The Klausian’s have stronger bodies due to the extreme gravity on their planet which in turn gives them superhuman strength. It should be noted that the people of Umbero love war, feeding on one another, and can grow exponentially depending on what part of the planet they live on. The anatomy of the Jovian people being determined from rash adaptation to the cold, lack of oxygen, and gravitational pull cause their bodies to be extremely lithe. They also go through horribly painful bone growth as they grow older and live much longer than humans.
·         Bizarre Alien Sexes: Under technicality. Jupiter is apparently full of gender queer/agendered characters, M’Queve and Katsuro’s young cousin fitting into this trope.
·         Burn Baby Burn: Burning down towns on distant planets and people as well fits
·         Cannibal Tribe: The people of Umbero before the arrival of the OBJECT.
·         Climbing Climax: Nearly every pinnacle state of an engaged battle.
·         Cool Ship: The Lanzer is just that
·         Coolest Club Ever: Ray takes everyone to Earth for a little R&R and they go to a dance club full of 80s outfits and music and everyone loses their grudges and hang ups for one night and acts friendly.
·         Crapsack World: Or worlds. Earth is generally obliterated and the only inhabitable plot of land, Rhelopetamia, is slowly going down the shitter. Not to mention the pure destruction that human space colonies in and around the Milky Way are going through.
·         Crystal Dragon Jesus: The Jovians have their very own martyr and savior that is oddly similar to Jesus.
·         Curb-Stomp Battle: All the one sided fights that happen in this series becomes a part of this trope, especially during the Blue Comet arc when most alien civilians, who are oddly weaker than the human Ocean Blue soldiers, get beaten to the ground over nothing at all.
·         Cut and Paste Translation: When released in America in 1988 to 1989 after the show's original run, the scenes of rape, incest, and generally everything that made this show remarkable was taken away for cheap shot graphics and the removal of nearly twenty episodes during the Blue Comet arc due to the extreme portrayals of violence. Not to the renaming of pivotal characters! (I.E. Hiro turned to Jack and Katsuro into Simon)
·         Cut Scene Power to the Max: Made the show incredibly enjoyable as far as character development was concerned and was the first of Miyu Jendy's works to do so.
·         Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Contrary to popular belief, Janus thought of the Biomega prototypes from initially seeing how interconnected the Ocean Blue armor pilots and soldiers were to their machines, some of which bordered on crazed fanaticism when piloting (i.e. Katsuro, Kurtz, Rick, and Ray).
·         Cyberpunk with a Chance of Rain
·         Dark and Troubled Past: Most of the characters in Full Length Armor Ocean Blue have some sad story or hang-up that makes them who they are, some more severe than others and some just downright wrong (i.e Hiro was a victim of misguided and uncontrolled war whereas Katsuro used Freudian Excuses to justify his brutality and Rapey Behavior)
·         Darkest Hour: The raid by the enemy that leaves Ray’s first crew brutally murdered and vivisected.
·         Dawn of an Era: After the war, OBJECT is dismantled and changed into the Laser Chorus, which starts the beginning of Guy, Rick, and Bernita’s journey. This is also the discovery of the first Bioghost KILROY after Janus communes with a disembodied Dhezshlovakuu after the Alien Big Bad transfers, instead of a dead person’s soul, radioactive Omni Ghost energy into a robotic body. Many events take place that shape the Biofuel universe/series, including Janus returning to Ird-Al Fatir and starting Warhola Labs and Ray heading back home to Bone, which sparks controversy of its own when he sees that the whole town has become the source of all robotic industry and that humans are adopting cyborgs as their relatives.
·         Depopulation Bomb: Most humans on Earth are long gone due to the atrocious nuclear war.
·         Dysfunction Junction: The drama between the crew members could be a show of its own.
·         Eldritch Abomination: Dhezshlovakuu even in his supposedly disembodied form.
·         Everybody Has Lots of Sex
·         Everybody's Dead, Dave: The gritty battle field portrayals when it’s just a few lone survivors, some of which are of the OBJECT.
·         Evil Versus Evil: Most of the beef between characters is between the evil guys trying to outdo the other evil guy.
·         Explosions in Space
·         Extreme Lonliness: Half of the characters are in space so long that they end up just going crazy or emotional.
·         Extreme Squick: Every rape, muder, battle, and act of obscene hatred had this show banned in China and edited out of the American run. The Manga is a lot worse, too.
·         False Flag Operation: The operation on Venus during the Blue Comet arc.
·         Fantasy Kitchen Sink: There are a variety of creatures looming in and out of space apparently.
·         Fighting for a Homeland: Tom, Bernita, and Rick are doing just that for Rhelopotamia and Pantua but all for different reasons.
·         Foreign Queasine: Being offered alien leg on Umbero has to be gross, right?
·         Fridge Horror:
·         Full Potential Upgrade: The Standard OBJECT Ocean Blue armors don’t work for most of the characters and get tricked out over and over to fit their needs.
·         Giving Radio to the Romans: The OBJECT and their Manifest Destiny into the reaches of the known universe propelled many formerly unadvanced space cultures to be at a state of advancement, much to their chagrin years later when their whole conglomerate is trumped by said cultures.                 
·         Good Is Not Soft: Every character that can be described as ‘good’ sans Magdalene treats the enemy like shit and serves hardcore ‘justice’ although it tends to be one sided and selfish.
·         Gory Discretion Shot: Sparingly, yet when Will is killed its extremely pronounced.
·         Gray Rain of Depression: Whenever Ray visits Earth or anyone else for that matter.
·         Great Soundtrack: 80s synths to the rescue
·         Hopeless War: At this point nobody knows why OBJECT is at war with anyone.
·         Hostile Terraforming: The whole mission of OBJECT against every single planet in the universe, primarily the super habitable Umbero. This leads to the war between both parties and kills millions in the process.
·         Human Aliens: The Klausians, Jovians, and Umberite people alongside the many other inhabitants of various planets.
·         Human Outside, Alien Inside: We see this more graphically with the Umberites since most of them get vivisected some kind of way, yet the Klausians are noted to have larger, complex hearts and the Jovians have strange bone structures.
·         Humans Are Bastards: Every single one of them almost.
·         In The Future We Will Have Euthanasia: Some humans just don't see the purpose in living if they are going to starve or be worked to death to advance humanity and can 'opt out'. After all, humanity's biggest mistake was trying and caused all the problems anyhow.
·         Infernal Retaliation: Umbero against the OBJECT.
·         Insignificant Little Blue Planet: Earth is not special to most of the characters for different reasons but the Jovians and Umberite people don’t even give a shit at all about its existence.
·         Interplay of Sex and Violence
·         Just Before the End: Humanity is basically going to hell in every aspect of survival and societal management thanks to the nuclear fallout and rising political tensions.
·         Latex Space Suit: Depending on the mission, the soldiers and pilots ditch their bulky space suits for skin tight cool ones
·         Loads and Loads of Characters
·         Nepotism: Oddly enough some of the characters are where they are today though family ties paired with affluent military connections, such a case being Katsuro and M’Queve.
·         Nightmare Fuel
·         No One Could Survive That: Most attacks the team goes through.
·         No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Most of the time when encountering an enemy and vice versa.
·         OOC Is Serious Business: The realness to the characters lies in their ability to change at the opportune and inopportune moments surmounted by the raging war. One notable example is when Katsuro tells Hiro that he’s not alone when facing feelings of abandonment, even though this lasts for only 5 seconds.
·         Powered Armor: The Ocean Blue armors are compressed Bio Mega types from an ancient civilization (which comes from Dhezshlovakuu’s folks) that synch bodily functions with that of the armor. The design is a riff from the UT-EE’s seen in Biofuel yet apparently from a period preceding Mekuban Battle Ship. None the less, the armors function as Ace Customs and fit the individual wearer although they come in standard militarized models meant for combat and are only used heavily upon the advent of the Super Galactic War between OBJECT and Umbero.
·         Precursors: In the series, the referencing to astronaut Ryo Kirasagi, Umbero, Omni Ghosts, and even a small sliver of the Mekuban Battle Ship that Ray supposedly served on is mentioned and pivotal to the series overall development.
·         Race Against the Clock: Most missions end this way
·         Scenery Porn: Rhelopotamia, Umbero, and space as a whole are visually stunning.
·         Shoot the Dog: Ray taking Lucian’s life and in one important moment of Bernita’s character development she has to slit a child’s throat so that they stop suffering.
·         Space Opera: And one of Miyu’s finest sans Cyborg Lithium Soldier Rakugan
·         Stuff Blowing Up: All the damn time.
·         Taking You with Me: In one case Ray almost has the Ocean Blue project team die with him because being plagued with Survivor’s Guilt would ruin him.
·         Technology Porn: Some of the best of inventive technology that wasn’t seen in any of Miyu Jendy’s series prior with the exception of the Bio Mega. We are introduced to digital cigarettes, robots being powered by human souls, and the grievances of mass technology.
·         Thrown Out the Airlock: A sick, sad retribution for her treatment to Lucian, this is how Celine ultimately dies.
·         Time Dilation: That’s how most of the drama aboard the Lanzer starts anyway; too much time on everyone’s hands.
·         War Is Hell: The war between OBJECT and the universe is hellacious and nobody ever even wins with everyone suffering some kind of way.
·         Warfare Regression: Foot soldiers are obsolete unless in an armored machine.
·         Was It Really Worth It?: Everyone who's alive at the end of the series asks this.
·         We Are as Mayflies: All of Miyu Jendy’s space dramas are extremely depressing and put emphasis on the ephemeral qualities that man has, more so in this series when chronicling the uselessness of combat and human determinism of their own destiny.
·         Willing Suspension of Disbelief
·         World Building: Again, one of the best. Viewers are shown a slowly building Rhelpotamia and for a short scene the history of Mega City Ird Al Fatir is shown as an allegory to a renewal in modern industrial revitalization. The planets that are visited, especially Umbero, show distinctive and unique qualities that separate them from our world (Never Was This Universe) yet correlating to modern Earth. This world building also shows the effects of Colonialism and Capitalism.
·         You Can't Go Home Again: All seven continents are erased from the face of the Earth (supposedly) after the nuclear war and Rhelopotamia is the only safe place to live, leaving the surviving few displaced. We later see in Biofuel that this is all a lie.

-Planet Umbero:
·         Blue and Orange Morality: Nobody sees anything wrong with eating one another as long as it’s a certain day of their lunar month.
·         Company Town: Umbero in the Blue Comet arc post OBJECT arrival.
·         Never Was This Universe: Umbero looks a lot like Earth yet is totally different as far as culture is concerned. Most notably is the distinctive language and dress that Umberites use.
·         Ruritania: Parts of Umbero
·      Chaotic Evil: Before the arrival of the OBJECT in Universal Year 70 the Umberite people were just this and partook in warfare that really was no different than what was happening on Earth at the same time.
·      Wretched Hive: Umbero completely to the point where even OBJECT thinks about backing out until they realize I Have The Gun.

-Raymond 'Ray' Barrett
·         Ace Pilot- He was a pilot on the pioneering war vessel Mekuban, thus making him attain this status.
·         Back In My Day...: Refferencing his past uboard the Mekuban to give creedence to his command aboard got real tired real soon.
·         Big Screwed-Up Family: Ray has a secret thought that his wife is not being faithful while he’s away in space and is probably shacking up with his virile son Charlie.
·         Colonel Badass: Undoubtedly so since he carried around a LAW wherever he goes.
·         Contrasting Uniforms: You know he's the captain with that blue camo!
·  Extreme Melee Revenge: Beating the living shit out of Katsuro, Kurtz, and Valguard.
·         Glasses of Cool: Ray's visor makes him completely badass
·         Gray Rain of Depression: Whenever Ray visits Earth or anyone else for that matter.
·         Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Tom Turlington
·         If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him: Ray’s final confrontation with Valguard leaves him on a slippery slope and an agonizing 10 minutes of deliberation before he shoots the man in the head.
·         Leeroy Jenkins: Never admits that he may have been the one all along fucking up his missions out of pride.
·         Machine Empathy: Ray has been manning OPEC and OBJECT machinery since he was 17 and completely knows the hardware, which has lead him to be an Ace Pilot and Badass Driver.
·         No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Ray's trust in Katsuro comes to bite him in the ass real hard.
·         No Hero to His Valet: Ray is a war hero and nobody on the outside looks at his flaws and evil associations except for his own wife.
·         Only Sane Man: To some extent. When things get hot and heavy Ray separates himself mentally from others to remain sane.
·         Out of the Inferno: More than once Ray survives something that anyone else would have burned to dust over because he's the Main Character.
·         Overprotective Dad: Ray LOVES his kids and since he is always a part from them constantly, visits tend to be controlled and collected to the point of Obsessive Controlling.
·         Papa Wolf: Fucking with his loyal members of the Ocean Blue project means you’re done for.
·         Parental Substitute: Becomes this to Hiro through the whole series.
·         Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: “This! Is! Not! A! Game!”
·         Pyrrhic Victory: The OBJECT is disbanded and Ray's troops go their separate ways with Umbero out of everyone's hair, yet Ray is so depleted at the end that his physical body on Earth becomes so weary that its Locked Into Strangeness. With his physical and mental health gone, the war was obviously not worth it for lots of others as well.
·         Red Shirt Army:  Every single one of Ray's troops before the advent of the Ocean Blue.
·         Shut Up, Hannibal!: When confronting Katsuro, Kurtz, and Volguard
·         Stranger in a Familiar Land: Every time Ray goes back to Earth
·         Sudden Principled Stand: In a super gruff way Ray shows everyone that he’s not down for moping even when he mopes.
·         The Captain: He is the head captain of the Ocean Blue program and its mission, which weighs on his shoulders.
·         The Neidermeyer: For the first half of the season since he is Sick of This Shit and the plight of the OBJECT. The troops he commanded before never made the cut and he didn't expect the Ocean Blue troops to make the cut either.
·         Vitriolic Best Buds: With Tom Turlington
·         What You Are in the Dark: Despite his Winning Man efforts, Ray is still part of OBJECT and their evil plans of colonization.
·         Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Ray doesn’t want to be a bad guy, so when complimented for his shitty ways he gets extremely depressed.
·         Good Ol' Boy: Ray follows the rules and doesn’t take too kindly to those who don’t.

 -Thomas 'Tom' Turlington:
·         All Myths Are True: In this case, Tom believes ardently yet In Secret about Ryo Kirasagi living on the Moon without oxygen and the myths of the Omni Ghosts; spirits of astronauts that transcend into Transhumans.
·         Ancient Conspiracy: Tom is so adamant about Ryo Kirasagi being able to live in space without human life support and does the appropriate research only to find that the OBJECT has been doing secret research on his case years after the incident.
·         Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: What Tom is secretly obsessed with doing and does during the Laser Chorus series.
·         Badass Bookworm: Tom is the pure smarts of the ship and a former child prodigy, yet he can kick your ass,t oo.
·         Gentleman and a Scholar: playing off of Badass Bookworm
·         Happily Married: Tom and his wife Karen have an adorable daughter named Rio of Biofuel fame.
·         Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Ray Barrett
·         Ignored Expert: Tom has amazing expertise on space travel yet it only used as a communicator to reason with kidnappers and enemy forces.
·         Lonely at the Top: Tom has it all; good money, a great family, and a lot of respect, yet he yearns for something more.
·         My Country, Right or Wrong: Begrudgingly so, Tom continues to fight for Rhelopotamia as it is humanity’s last shred of hope yet knows that things are going to go back to hell again sooner than he thought. He also takes OBJECT’s orders even though he knows their agenda.
·         Nice to the Waiter: Nice to almost everyone and sometimes begrudgingly so.
·         Passed Over Inheritance: Tom is adpoted and was given his adoptive father's estate much to his siblings chagrin, which he sold and used to be an astronaut.
·         The Ace: If he wasn't Ray's best friend, they'd be enemies.
·         Tranquil Fury: Whenever Tom gets tired of the assholes he’s surrounded by, more notably his fight with Katsuro.
·         Vitriolic Best Buds: With Raymond Barrett
·         Who Wants to Live Forever?: Tom, despite his fame and glory, wants to be just like Ryo Kirasagi and drift off into space.
·         You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: Tom letting go of his sweetness when he sees a mother and child being terrorized by OBJECT forces which makes him shoot them all dead.

-Katsuro Hiroshige:

·         A Real Man Is a Killer: Being an early pilot in the war, he has seen that survival depends on who you take out and makes your weight as a male important, that is if you want to get higher in rank.
·         Ambiguous Disorder: Katsuro's pedophilia and perversion go beyond the borders of 'sane' sexual acts and leads him to go under heavy psychological analysis, but of course even Jovian doctors are duped!
·         Big Screwed-Up Family: Katsuro was sexually abused by his powerful father, his mother is detached from his woes, he rapes his cousin, and everyone else is just Dark and Edgy, M’queve being his only rock.
·         Bishōnen: Katsuro’s Jovian blood makes his body extremely lithe and gives him beautiful features.
·         Bizarre Alien Psychology: Katsuro only joined in on the war effort to kill humans, and in a morally ambiguous way he works for humans and fights alongside them to. His plight for glory depends on his human interaction yet at the same time he despises their existence and sees them as a wasteful, degenerate race. Some pass the radar for him yet even in Jovian terms humans are good for servants, slaves, and any other degrading position that they surely don’t need to fulfill. There is also no repercussions for sexual acts that otherwise would be deemed immoral, such as sleeping with underage children. Katsuro’s persona is effected by this dramatically as this treatment came from his father, yet nobody blinks an eye on Jupiter when he engages in these acts with his young cousin.
·         Bling of War: There is nothing like toting around the head or teeth of the man you killed on your Biomega or Ocean Blue armor.
·         Boomerang Bigot: Katsuro might hate Jovians but he is a Jovian, too.
·         Coattail-Riding Relative: He’d be nowhere without M’queve’s influence.
·         Combat Sadomasochist: Expressed breifly in the Manga yet not in depth in the series, Katsuro enjoys hand to hand combat as his father used to beat him for sexual pleasure, which thus turned him into a bit of a sadomasochist.
·         Cultural Cringe: Hhates the stuffy affluency of his Jovian family and their social class yet doesn’t ever stop living in luxury either. Again, his Boomerang Bigot persona comes out with ugly colors and he doesn’t let it go until he has to fall back on these same people for support.
·         Dirty Coward: Katsuro backstabbing Hiro
·         Freudian Excuse: Every reason he gives for his shitty behavior, bordering on I Did What I Had To Do.
·         Genre Savvy: Katsuro is able to dissect nearly every possible outlook and outcome when on the battlefield just so he can say I Told You So.
·         Homoerotic Subtext: Katsuro and Kurtz may have had a relationship in the past.
·         Homoflexible: Katsuro is a pedophile and his young cousin is a biological male, not to mention his flirting with Hiro until things go awry.
·         Idle Rich: Katsuro does nothing to help the war effort and uses his money for personal gains and pleasures.
·         Internalized Categorism: To some extent when Katsuro willingly shows his privilege. He’s wealthy and he’s a part of royalty, so he must behave like such even if that means killing a few people on the side and abusing others.
·         Kick the Dog: His meanness is accurately shown when he kills the puppy he got Magdalene to reinforce his abusiveness. That how they do it on Jupiter, anyway.
·         Noodle People: Katsuro, even though he’s an ‘alien’, is unnaturally lithe.
·         Obviously Evil: Katsuro plans the killings of his fellow comrades and stabs everyone in the back for his own advancement. That's pretty evil, right?
·         Psycho For Hire: He only signed up to kill off humans, no matter who they were.
·         Puny Earthlings: Humans are gross and insignificant
·         Pyrrhic Victory: Katsuro gains rank in the Jovian military but all the backstabbing he did surmounted to nothing in the end.
·         Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Money, royalty, and M’Queve made this bad apple turn to a rotting septic pool of evil.
·         Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Can't get a 'reasonable' point across without drawing it out and leading him to believe that he's Surrounded by Idiots often.
·         Smug Snake: Katsuro is an asshole and his quips can fill you with rage in an instant.
·         Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond: Katsuro's disdain for Hiro, Rick, and a variety of others causes them great discomfort and he knows it.
·         Straw Nihilist: Works in a two way situation; Katsuro believes that Earth born humans and their achievements are worthless as well as their own lives yet also feels similarly the same way about the Jovian's plight of survival on Europa since they live long lives and suffer so much physically.
·         The Beautiful Elite: Katsuro is dashingly handsome, rich, and comes from royalty.
·         The Fatalist: Katsuro knows that humanity is going to crumble and that all of its advances will eventually mean nothing, leading him to believe that all of their efforts are completely worthless in their plight to save themselves.
·         The Unfettered: Although Katsuro comes off as a Sissy initially he is an Action Man and makes decisions quickly and precisely
·         There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Beating the shit out of someone until they are nothing but bloody remains or crushing someone under your Biomega's foot over and over is exciting.
·          Villains Out Shopping: On the planet of Tarbeige with M'Queve and Kurtz.
·         'Well Done Son' Guy: Although Katsuro hates his family he wants his father's undying approval due to the fact that he was sexually abused by him.
·         Why Did You Make Me Hit You?: Katsuro explaining his abuse to Magdalene and to every child he has ever forced into sex ever.
·         Wicked Cultured: Katsuro is exceptionally intelligent and a connoisseur of the arts, style, decorum, and luxury alongside with his cousin M'Queve.

-Celine LaSalle:
·         Abusive Parents: More so emotionally abusive, Celine’s father controls her every move and it doesn’t stop even when she goes to space as he forces her to take along Lucian to get over her ‘nobody’, dying fiancé.
·         Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: For only a small portion of the first season Celine borders on Sickeningly Sweet until she gets promoted and then her real colors show.
·         Blackmail Is Such an Ugly Word: It can't be blackmail if you are are calling it something else, more like a reproportioning of power in her case.
·         Blackmail Backfire: Getting demoted for, you know, giving away secrets.
·         Clothing Damage: Burning up when she crashes on Umbero during a arial battle became the only instance when Celine was unwillingly nude plus an example of Fan Service.
·         Cradle of Loneliness: Actually holding her fiancé’s portrait to feel better during the second season.
·         The Scrappy: Celine is one of the most hated characters in the series due to her constant moping, condescending attitude against those who try to help her out, and the general hatedom surrounding her relationship with Lucian.
·         Faux Action Girl: Celine subverts this as she is a pilot, not actually a soldier in the slightest.
·         Internalized Categorism: Being affluent means that Celine has to be an Ice Queen.
·         Nepotism: Celine only has her job due to her father, who is an affluent astrophysicist.
·         No, Except Yes: Indecisive and backwards, Celine back tracks a lot to the point that she's Slapped for it.
·         Reliable Traitor: Giving away OBJECT secrets about the Ocean Blue armor to a spy that just so happened to be from Umbero, a.k.a Rolento.
·         Refuge in Audacity: Celine giving important, confidential info away to sects affiliated with Rolento to bring down Ray since he was 'oppressive'. This comes to bite her in the ass when she's demoted by Ray shamefully.
·         Rich Bitch: Celine comes from wealth and lets everyone know it passively, especially with the presence of her own helper Lucian.
·         Shrinking Violet: Celine is painfully withdrawn from everyone due to her depression and affluent position in society.
·         Stepford Smiler: The perfect case; Celine pretends to be happy and sane when she's fading away emotionally due to her fiancé’s irreparable illness from the fallout.
·         Wangst: Getting moved to tears over the existence of Lucian for one whole episode for no apparent reason at all.
·         Whiner Supreme: Celine can't shut up about how uncomfortable being on the Lanzer is to save her life and gets Slapped because of it by Bernita. This attitude spans off into other sectors as well.
·         Why Did it Have to Be Snakes?: Ray's phobia of cyborgs does not help her relationship with Lucian one bit.
·         Wounded Gazelle Gambit: When in battle almost every single time, Kurtz always comes to help her for Mysterious Reasons.
·         Undying Loyalty: To her dying husband.

-Kurtz Von Kahnweiler:

·         Ace Pilot: Via Kurtz time with the OBJECT military on Venus
·         All Girls Like Bad Boys: Kurtz beauty queen girlfriend falls in love with him after he cat calls her.
·         Allergic to Love: Similar to Rick, Kurtz feels that love is the demasculization of his self and will not submit to it.
·         Ambition is Evil: Kurtz backstabbed his way to the top and didn't think about stopping until one of the backstabee's, Hiro, saved his life during an alien invasion.
·         Big Screwed-Up Family: In Kurtz eyes; his family is pretty normal.
·         Bling of War: He and Katsuro willingly show their war prizes in the most atrocious ways possible.
·         Clingly MacGuffin: Katsuro's beauty queen girlfriend wants to be with him so bad that he has her killed.
·         Cultural Cringe: Kurtz’ family are imports from Germany yet have adopted the cultures of Venus in a state of Advanced Assimilation, something that makes him tick.
·         Even Evil Has Standards: Kurtz might be a Jerk With a Heart of Jerk but even he thinks it’s wrong to kill women, no matter how much he hates them.
·         Extreme Melee Revenge: After getting his ass handed to him by Ray one evening, he takes it out on civilians who were minding their business.
·         He-Man Woman Hater: Holds women in contempt on the battle field and in general yet from further observation Kurtz gives a Freudian Excuse about his mother being a Stepford Smiler and Ignorant Wench from assimilating to the current culture on Venus when they arrived, as seen through his very much arranged relationship with his beauty queen girlfriend who is Too Dumb to Live in his eyes. Celine and Bernita are the exceptions to the rule since they have shown themselves to be competent in his eyes although Celine cannot defend herself in the same ratio or footing as Bernita can.
·         Homoerotic Subtext: Kurtz may not like women at all from his flirting with Hiro and the innuendo used between him and Katsuro, which lend information that they may have had a relationship with one another.
·         Improbable Piloting Skills: Kurtz main claim to fame was that he is untouchable in aerial combat while on Venus and even while piloting in an Ocean Blue, doing arial sommersalts without damaging himself or the unit.
·         Jerk With a Heart of Jerk: Kurtz is just not a nice person and doesn't try to be at all, not even to his own parents or girlfriend.
·         Kill It with Fire: The pyrogenics canon on his Ocean Blue and Biomega burn everything in its path with napalm, especially 'ugly' civilians.
·         Kill Squadron: Kurtz has a whole band of OBJECT Mooks thanks to his dad and uses them to do the dirty work that he can't be bothered with, so far as even trying to foil one of Ray's defense manuvers with these goons.
·         Majorly Awesome: He's everyone's favorite asshole because he gets his job done and then some.
·         Manipulative Bastard: Through and through Kurtz plays with Hiro's strings in an attempt to lead him and many others to the wayside so that he can get promoted yet it quipped when Katsuro tricks him into beliving that he's going to get demoted.
·         Mr. Fanservice
·         Not So Different: He and Hiro are alike as they are angsty yet not for much else.
·         Not What I Signed On For: Working alongside lower ranking OBJECT soldiers and pilots for the Ocean Blue project really gets Kurtz down although he continues to serve in the war.
·         Parasitic Relationship: Katsuro and Kurtz are only friends because they come from money and due to the fact that they can possibly advance in rank.
·         Pompous Political Pundit: Kurtz is as right wing as they get,
·         Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Kurtz’ parents get him out of a lot of sticky situations even though he shits on them in return for their kindness.
·         Smug Snake: Kurtz makes no distinction between who he shows disdain for
·         The Starscream: Kurtz was under his old tyrannical boss before the merging of their forces with the OBJECT and vowed to take him out and ultimately usurped him to the point that he gets an extremely high rank as a pilot with OBJECT, which just so happened to be his boss’ old job.
·         Wanna Be Big Bad: Kurtz just like Katsuro never attains his evil ruler status.
·         Wanna-Be Big Bad: He'll never be as vainglorious as Valguard but Kurtz plans on making it to the top and acts accordingly.
·         Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Can’t take a compliment from Ray or any of his team mates without being belittled emotionally, the exception being Kurtz and Celine since they are of his rank.

-Richard 'Rick' Denbraugh:

·         A Real Man Is a Killer: Killing pagan savages makes him a man and so does being a soldier. Anyone who has an issue with that must die.
·         Abusive Parents: Rick’s daddy beat the shit out him often.
·         Allergic to Love: Love = emasculation
·         Aww Look They Really do Love Each Other: Rick to Bernita and vice versa
·         Backwoods Prodigy: Despite coming from cybernetic Oklahoma (aka Pantua) and living in the scrublands of his town, Rick is incredibly smart and great with numbers, which is the only thing that made him pick up and go to join the OBJECT space program. It still doesn't take away the hick in him, though, yet Every Man Has His Price…
·         Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Bernita constantly
·         Blood Knight: Fighting for Pantua and the greater human race of Rhelopotamia has given Rick a rough edged persona that makes him truly think that killing the enemy solves problems.
·         Cluster F-Bomb: "Fuck you, you fucking fucker" fits nicely.
·         Colonel Kilgore: Loves the smell of burning flesh, sweat, tears, and napalm and every part of war itself as long as he's winning.
·         Every Man Has His Price: Tom pays Rick (with money that is pretty much like gold to anyone else) to come join the OBJECT since he was so smart.
·         Extreme Melee Revenge: Beating the life out of insurgent troops and ripping out people's eyes falls under this trope.
·         Glory Hound: He's in this war for a lot of reasons yet one main one is to be glorified as a hero in Pantua.
·         Good Looking Privates: Like most of the Ocean Blue soldiers, Rick seems to be pin pointed for lady affections wherever he goes, maybe it’s because He’s American.
·         Good Ol’ Boy: One of the most annoying facets of Rick is his Murica’ personality in the series due to the fact that it makes his arrogance a key character attribute.
·         Good Old Ways: Rick is an ardent traditionalist and borders on Conservative Zealot
·         If I Can't Have You: Rick’s sexual frustration towards Bernita becomes rage at some points
·         I'm a Man, I Can't Help It: Rick’s masculinity pervades reason especially
·         Internalized Categorism: To put it plainly, “I’m an American”.
·         It's All About Me: One of the most selfish portrayals of Rick ever.
·         Jerk With a Heart of Gold: Through and through all the way to the Lazer Chrous series and Biofuel series'. Rick's key motivations stem from not wanting to crumble emotionally around others yet cause him to be a Jerk Ass to nearly everyone that isn't Ray. Eventually, the crew sees that he is just emotionally reserved and capable to showing compassion, love, and empathy.
·         Kavorka Man: Rick might get the ladies but he’s not that good looking on second glance.
·         Knight Templar: Getting rid of the bad guys makes him a hero and he's doing ALL of humanity a favor, so worship him.
·         My Country, Right or Wrong: Totally ambiguous towards OBJECT’s involvement in the war and fights regardless of their wrong doings.
·         Near-Rape Experience: Of Bernita before she beats the shit out of him. This moment causes him to reconsider his ways and act more like a civilized human being.
·         Not So Different: Both Rick and Bernita are humanities last hope in the end and eventually become the heroes of Pantua for just going out into space, serving in a bloody war, and returning alive to head a new mission.
·         Sex Is Evil and I Am Horny: A very complicated representation of Rick’s character; although he Gets Around Rick has trouble showing emotion to ladies he cares about, especially Bernita and swears of ‘sweet’ feelings to stay hold of his masculinity. There is also a crossing of Scary Amoral Religion as Rick will fuck/rape native women because they are ‘heathens’ instead of doing the same to human females. This causes the most sexual tension between him and Bernita, which could also make him a Chivalrous Pervert.
·         Slap-Slap-Kiss: His sexual tension with Bernita gets him beat up by a girl to the point that they make love after fighting one day.
·         The Jingo: The war justifies him to treat captives and civilians like shit.
·         This is My Broomstick: Sometimes Cringe Worthy, Rick uses his Ocean Blue armor when on a foreign planet of Umbero to intimidate and impress the 'primitive' locals, going full fledge into his This Is America, Damn It mode and Manifest Destiny.
·         Use Your Head: Head butting alien enemies is no problem for this guy.
·         War Is Glorious: Rick has a Militant Church personality paired roughly with his Glory Hound ways that make him think that fighting for a good cause means spilling the other guys blood on his children's faces.
·         Worthy Opponent: Through his time with the OBJECT Rick puts up a fight every time in battle due to his Blood Knight tendencies.

-Bernita Laughgan:

·         A Father to His Men: Or a mother. Bernita cooks, cleans, and protects the soldiers and pilots of the Ocean Blue project for the most part to becoming their mother.
·         Aww Look They Really do Love Each Other: Bernita to Rick and vice versa.
·         Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Rick.
·         Big Screwed-Up Family: Bernita is taken away at 14 by Tom since she wouldn’t be able to flourish with her Backwoods family.
·         Boisterous Bruiser: Beating up her male comrades as part of the fun gives her this label.
·         Bokukko: In the original Manga Bernita wears male clothing and acts extremely masculine to the point that others call her ‘he’ yet this is not present completely in the show.
·         Clothing Damage: A petty act of fan service that continued on into the Laser Chorus series.
·         Ethical Slut: Has her morale yet isn’t beyond getting freaky with Rick after much adversity.
·         Extreme Melee Revenge: Paired sadly with Crying Frustration as Bernita proves her worth as a Byronic Hero during the occupation on Venus.
·         Hot Blooded: Extremely passionate about her job and upstaging Rick at all costs when it comes to getting Tom's approval.
·         How Much More Can He Take?:
·         Love Martyr: Putting up with Rick's incessant rudeness and Jerk Ass behavior makes Bernita try and champion over his ways and continue on regardless.
·         Malicious Slander: Bernita being called all sorts of nasty things by Rick to make her look less than him comes back with Kickass Karma when she reverses every single thing he said back at him.
·         Precision F-Strike: “Stay away from me, fucker”
·         Slap-Slap-Kiss: Bernita and Rick
·         The Ace: Bernita is very well both the rival to Rick and Celine respectively
·         Tom Boy: Strong willed, never wears dresses, and is ‘one of the boys’ on the Lanzer.
·         Tsundere: Bernita is belligerent yet follows up with sappy, blushing frustration at times.
·         Undying Loyalty: To Tom Turlington
·         Why Did it Have to be Snakes?: Having to slit that kid’s neck, of course!
·         Wise Beyond Their Years: Bernita was drafted to be a pilot and soldier at 14 years old.
·         Wouldn’t Hurt a Child: The plight of her own siblings makes Bernita extremely sensitive to children’s causes especially in the war effort.
·         Younger than They Look: Bernita is only 19 when she goes into space and looks 30.

-Hiro Yoshikazu:

·         A New Hero: Hiro ends up being the star of Miyu Jendy's Cyber Punk Pyschological Thriller Heavy Metal L-Gaim
·         Angrish: Incomprehensible and angry when nobody stops being self-absorbed long enough to listen to him. The enemies are coming, why aren’t you listening?!
·         Berserk Button: Anything reminding him of the murder of his mother or any of the atrocities committed on Venus will send Hiro into a Killing Frenzy.
·         Berserker Tears: He’s the only male who cries in the series ever.
·         Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: Hiro’s relationship with his longtime friend Maggie (not to be confused with Magdalene although the two have a striking resemblance) who eventually becomes his girlfriend and wife after the war.
·         Clothing Damage
·         Determinator: No matter how wounded Hiro soldiers on and earns Ray's undying trust because of this.
·         Doomed Hometown: Hiro's town on Venus is ransacked by the enemy so he thinks and it fuels him to enlist into OBJECT's space fleet and man the one of the Ocean Blues. Many of Hiro's flashbacks refer to his town and the murder of his mother, which trigger his Berserk Button.
·         Empowered Badass Normal
·         Extreme Melee Revenge
·         Forced to Watch: Saw his mother being brutally raped and murdered.
·         Go Mad from the Revelation: Over and over and over and over
·         How Much More Can He Take?:
·         In The Blood: By Ray's eyes, Hiro is destined for great things despite being an orphan and is shown this by how he can interact with Omni Ghosts easily.
·         Lonely Together: Hiro becomes good friends with Ronan this way.
·         Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Turned the tables on Katsuro for stabbing him in the back while on the battle field.
·         Mr. Fanservice
·         Nobody Calls Me Chicken
·         Shrouded in Myth: Some think that the legendary Badass Ryo Kirasagi is actually Hiro's dad, leading him to be Born Into Greatness.
·         Slap-Slap-Kiss: Maggie and Hiro share this moment when he returns to Venus.
·         Son of a Whore: Only because Hiro’s mother had to sell her body to feed her son once the war took off.
·         Sudden Principled Stand: Which makes him the hero naturally, Hiro does this more than once to invigorate the spirit in everyone, not so much as to keep fighting in the war, but to keep their dignity no matter what.
·         Surrogate Son: Hiro becomes this for Ray since he misses his family on Rhelopotamia.
·         Troubled, But Cute:
·         Undying Loyalty: To Will, Maggie (Venus), Ray, Rick, and most of the crew who hasn’t scorned him.
·         Urban Legend Love Life: Everybody thinks Hiro is putting the moves on their girlfriend when he's just a regular guy with a cute face and hot body.
·         War Is Hell
·         With Friends Like These...: Initially starts out as a friend to Kurtz who in turn back stabs him like crazy.
·         You Can Barely Stand: After his first war experience Hiro is Beaten to a Pulp and Left For Dead.
-Will Forte:

·         Absolute Xenophobe: Is both a bit off kiltered and angry at other races, especially aliens.
·         Adults Are Useless: Ageism is Will's call on most issues, especially with Ray and the Klausians.
·         Affably Evil: Still a good guy overall, Will still retains some cruelty without blatantly showing it.
·         Arson, Murder, and Lifesaving: Somebody is going to die on the battle field when Will is saving lives.
·         Badass Driver: Drives a Ocean Blue UTV like nobody's business
·         Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Will’s Mook attitude pervades his associations with others yet he’s such a good soldier and does his job well that his officers overlook his behavior, that is until he has a Can of Whoopass opened on him by Ray.
·         Chivalric Romance: Will and Susan once Will settles down.
·         Chivalrous Pervert: Saves ladies on the front line but isn't past a little feel up or dick bump either.
·         Condescending Compassion: Claiming that the Umbero people are savage because they just might have AIDS, which goes into Troll Logic in the 3rd degree.
·         Dead Guy on Display: Will gets blown up (basically) on a raid to Venus and is put up on a pike with the rest of his commrades for all the world to see.
·         Deadpan Snarker: The only one who’s just a little bit funny about it anyway.
·         Entitled to Have You: Susan can't possibly consider any other guy because the only guy for her is Will.
·         Even Mooks Have Loved Ones: Will’s family is super proud of him no matter what and he loves them just as dearly.
·         Former Mook: Worked with the enemy previously before switching sides and raises the ire of most of the crew for a whole season.
·         It Amused Me: Thinks killing enemies as brutally as possible is all in good fun, but hey, he is from Mars.
·         It's All About Me: Will is selfish to his team mates and doesn't think twice until Hiro is almost sucked down a space vaccum.
·         Jerkass Façade: Susan coming into the picture breaks down Will's front and makes him out to be a great person, which works in his favor later on.
·         Lovable Traitor: Will turned on Mars’ alliance with the Umbero revolts against OBJECT when he moved up in rank, yet let’s face it; he ended up helping out the Ocean Blue project unconditionally and even became a martyr for the cause.
·         Loveable Rogue: Since Will is a defector and borderline Jerk Ass, this fits him well.
·         Mr. Fanservice
·         Nothing Personal: Shooting civilians in the face because they are involved in the war is not because he hates them, it’s because he’s following his orders for once. Will picks and chooses, of course.
·         Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right: The only reason why Will got killed in the first place.
·         Sociopathic Soldier: Will brutally humiliates and abuses captives and enemy soldiers just because.
·         Take a Moment to Catch Your Death
·         Younger than They Look: Will looks 23 when he’s only 17.

-Guy Parson (Guyvier Hayjarh Parsettir):
·         Bling of War: A scene in the Manga shows him in Conan fashion holding up the head of a mudered POW.
·         Chaotic Neutral: Nobody really knows if Guy or Jay are possibly bad guys, yet they never let you think they are or that they aren't either.
·         Creepy Monotone: Even all the way through the Laser Chorus and Biofuel series, Guy retains a stoic voice.
·         Egocentric Notorious Otherworlders: There is nothing like being a 'man' and showing that you can lift Biomegas off the ground if you put your mind to it. Fuck the mind, its all about the body!
·         Extreme Melee Revenge: Getting revenge for Jay.
·         Genius Bruiser: Guy is smart yet ready to kick your ass, too.
·         No Sympathy: Guy might be a stand up man but he's no shoulder to cry on.
·         Precision F-Strike: Being called a fucker by Guy hurts to the bottom of your core because you know he means it.
·         Proud Warrior Race Guy: Guy lets them all know that he doesn't give a fuck about OBJECT's mission and that he is just in this to give reparations back to his scourged, slain people.
·         Revenge by Proxy: When Jay’s family is killed by one of Rolento’s men Guy kills the other guys family.
·         Sophisticated as Hell: makes use of his Klausian eloquence but isn't afraid to drop a few 'f' bombs.
·         Unfair Hell To Pay: Guy has his fair amount of ups and downs from both the past and present for his rashness, even though said rashness comes from the wrong doing of the OBJECT.
·         Vitriolic Best Buds: With Jay Hart

-Jay Hart (Jayya Harvah Harttair):
·         Bling of War: In the Manga, as he's recounting on the glory days of Klaus III, he is shown holding a captive woman in his arms.
·         Chaotic Neutral: Nobody really knows if Jay or Guy are possibly bad guys, yet they never let you think they are or that they aren't either.
·         Egocentric Notorious Otherworlders: There is nothing like being a 'man' and showing that you can lift Biomegas off the ground if you put your mind to it. Fuck the mind, its all about the body!
·         Fallen Idealist: After being forced to work alongside OBJECT, who lied about their plight with the Klausians, Jay doesn't believe that Klaus III is ever going to retain its former glory ever again.
·         Internalized Categorism: Jay knows he’s a Klausian so that makes him super strong and complacent, right? Right?
·         Jade-Colored Glasses: Jay has been beaten down so emotionally by OBJECT that he sees the world pretty black and white.
·         Proud Warrior Race Guy: Just like Guy Parson.
·         The Lancer: To Guy all the time.
·         Vitriolic Best Buds: With Guy Parson.
·         What Were You Thinking?: Thinking that Rolento would possibly allow he and Guy (who had no idea of his plan) to be defectors on Umbero.
-Janus Warhola:
·         A God Am I: This is the beginning of Janus’ God Hand phase.
·         Big Screwed-Up Family: One can’t help but wonder if Janus was a psycho because of his upbringing in affluency…
·         Bystander Syndrome: Watches Will be killed and doesn’t bother to help him.
·         Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: As revealed when Janus visits Ird-Al Fatir. This is also prevalent in the Biofuel universe/series when ENDER is modeled after his own mother.
·         Evilutionary Biologist: Janus has already at this point started using his technology to boost his reputation and personal gain by implementing plans to advance humanity through the Super Prototype of the Bio Ghost.
·         Fridge Horror: Realizing that Janus is taking extreme importance on the details of the Ocean Blue project’s team so that he can use their bodies if they are to die for his Bio Ghost project.
·         Humans Are Bastards: Prime example
·         Just Following Orders: Everything he’s got going on at any time in the series is justified by OBJECT’s rules and he never backs down from that, ever.
·         Kill The Poor: They are a waste of effort and are the reason why humanity is suffering; to protect those who cannot protect themselves only leads to depleted resources and time.
·         Lord Error-Prone: Janus thinks he’s immensely intelligent when others just discredit him as an arrogant Jerk Ass.
·         Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: Doing the Squick Bio Ghost experiments on people unaware of what was going to happen makes him more than sketchy.
·         Obviously Evil Mad Scientist: Nobody pays him any attention though because he's a Background Character.
·         Professor Guinea Pig: Even before the advent of the Lazer Chorus or any of the events of the Biofuel series, the young Janus starts experimenting with Biomega construction and soul transferal while with the OPEC, of course it goes wrong until he consults with Big Bad Dhezshlovakuu, who just so happens to be an Omni Ghost, because that of course makes it easier for Janus.
·         The Closet Sociopath: Nobody suspects Janus is capable of evil intentions due to both his Background Character status and
·         The Social Darwinist: Coming from Ird-Al Fatir and from a family that survived in its entirety from the nuclear fallout, Janus believes that some just can survive better than others. After all, billions of people died and his family survived completely yet only due to their Affluence.
·          Villains Out Shopping

-Amdura Suune:
·         Alpha Bitch
·         Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Amdura’s children with Valguard are her pride and joy.
·         Lady of War
·         The Baroness: Amdura is the head bitch at OBJECT and is just as evil as her husband.
·         Undying Loyalty: To Valguard and even Ray at a time before he turned his back on the whole mission at the end of the series.
·         Unholy Matrimony: Amdura is married to Valguard
·          Villains Out Shopping

-Valguard Suune:

·         Galactic Conqueror
·         Hate Sink: Valguard's atrocious behavior and crimes make you actually want to root for anyone in Ray's fleet to do him in.
·         Pompous Political Pundit
·         Surrounded by Idiots: And unbelievably so since he is the leader of the OBJECT. When isn't there a time when his Evil Plans foil due to his lackeys?
·         There Is No Kill Like Overkill
·         Unholy Matrimony: His marriage to Amdura can be described as such.
·         Villains Out Shopping
·         Big Bad
·         Would Hurt a Child: His whole organization doesn’t seem to bat one single eyelash at this.

-M'Queve Ito:

·         A Glass of Chianti: M'queve drinking fine wine as war rages around him.
·         Aristocrats Are Evil: Both he and Katsuro embody this aspect of the trope as we are shown that no Jovian of artistocracy is sane or kind.
·         Bling of War: Most of his rare antiques and jewels come from wars and are stolen.
·         Death by Materialism: To some degree as he dies in his Ace Custom Biomega because it was one of a kind and gilded with gold.
·         Fur and Loathing: Fur coats are his best friend but you are not.
·         Magnificent Bastard: One of the most famous war heroes from Jupiter and sumptuous enough to gain the attention of many haters and admirers alike.
·         Man of Wealth and Taste: M'Queve antiques, collects rare artifacts, and is all about showing his wealth through his clothing. He lives and breathes luxury and his shit smells like roses.
·         Noble Demon: M'Queve is evil and lets everyone know that, but he has his standards, too.
·         Non Idle Rich: He takes philanthropy very seriously in comparison to his cousin Katsuro as he believes that doing good deeds with money result in, you guessed it, more money.
·         Obstructive Bureaucrat: Takes liberal efforts in obstructing any revolts that can happen internally within the OBJECT and makes Ray's life a living hell from time to time with paperwork.
·         Pompous Political Pundit: Extremely right wing yet for benevolence.
·         The Dragon: Carries out most of Valguard’s orders with detail and precision.
·         Villains Out Shopping: He and Katsuro go on lots of extravagant shopping dates.

-Ronan Willis:
·         Lonely Together: Ronan and Hiro's friendship
·         Mysterious Scar: For Ronan to just be a techsavvy engineer, he has the mark of a vicious battle on his face that is rarely discussed.
·         Techno Babble: Even the crew of the OBJECT space fleet don't know what he's talking about half the time and just rely on his Machine Empathy and
·         Technopath: Ronan used to be an underground Techarchy badass before converting for the war effort so that he could live on Rhelopotamia.
·         Never Live It Down: Wished he could have saved and or died with his rebel friends before the Finishing Blow of the atomic bomb and thus is nothing.
·         Grease Monkey: Ronan is the sole mechanic of the Lanzer and is always filthy after his job is done.
·         Took a Level in Badass: Towards the end of the series Ronan shows everyone how he got that Mysterious Scar and becomes
·         Walking Techfix: Every single time and without fail when an Ocean Blue malfunctions yet not too much when in actual battle.
·         Dad’s Best Friend: Roland loves his paw.

·         Face Death with Dignity: Lucian wasn’t ever afraid to die in any cause. What is death to a cyborg?
·         Flawed Prototype: Lucian was built specifically to cater to Celine's loneliness and depression yet is flawed since he gives everyone attention whenever he thinks they need it.
·         I Cannot Self Terminate: When mortally damaged Lucian asks Ray to finish the job since Celine would rather see him suffer than actually end his life. He claims that he is to blame for all of her suffering and that he cannot truly be a replacement for her husband, although he'd died just as painfully.
·         Instant A.I., Just Add Water: Lucian's interface was meant to simply serve as a companion to cure Celine’s bouts of loneliness and depression of her husband yet evolves into something more grand as time passes.
·         Internalized Categorism: Lucian knows he’s a cyborg and that his duties are just that of what he was made to be.
·         Replacement Goldfish: Lucian is the replacement to Celine's dying fiancé and is supposedly better in physical capability and social pragmatism than he ever could be much against Celine's wishes.
·         Self-Deprecation: This might as well come from Celine’s Jerk Ass behavior to him, yet Lucian is completely humble and thinks very less of himself as he is just a cyborg and nothing more.
·         With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Lucian’s sudden advance in sentience makes him rape Celine.
·         Action Survivor: Defends the ship during an enemy invasion and is surprisingly good at it, too.
·         Do Androids Dream?: The question about Lucian’s sentience remains a mystery for most of the series until he starts behaving extremely human.
·         Downer Ending: Lucian’s death is incredibly uncalled for and upsetting.
·         Tin Man: Lucian is an Ace Custom of a basic cyborg created in Bone, yet he develops advanced sentience to the point of being ‘human’ and falling in love with Celine.
·         That Makes Me Feel Angry: Lucian’s gut wrenching depiction of the war and his unrequited and unasked for feelings for Celine.
·         Smart People Build Robots: Lucian’s creator is incredibly intelligent and creates him not only for his daughter, yet to show his talent and skills.
·         Ridiculously Human Robots: Lucian knocks it out of the park.
·         Unusual User Interface: Lucian can contact Earth by connecting to the Lanzer.
·         Darker and Edgier: Lucian’s crazy days are the first of Miyu Jendy’s character types and end up setting a trend of many, many more.
·         Fridge Horror: Celine’s rape by Lucian

-Magdalene 'Maggie' Miyusaki:
·         All Take and No Give: Her basic job role makes her subservient and she never questions it at all.
·         Cloud Cuckoolander: Despite the raging, bloody war Magdalene continues to not question her superiors and to day dream.
·         Genki Girl: Way too excitable and happy for many people’s tastes and one of the firsts in Miyu’s case.
·         Too Dumb to Live: The fact that Magdalene couldn’t see past Katsuro’s evil against her makes her dumb in this case although she only died mentally.
·         How Much More Can He Take?: Or how much more can she take. Ray sees what goes on to Magdalene despite the fact that he hates her, and wonders if she’s going to crack.
·         Internalized Categorism: Being a Commissar means that Magdalene has to make everyone happy, no matter what.
·         Love Makes You Crazy: At the end of the series in one of the most gut wrenching scenes ever.
·         Mad Love: Maggie's undying love for Katsuro leads to blinding insanity.
·         Romanticized Abuse: She thinks that Katsuro toying with her is all a part of his affection.
·         Selective Obliviousness: Maggie believes that Katsuro loves her back regardless of how many times he backhands her or brutally rapes her.
·         Sickeningly Sweet: Maggie's attitude and position as the ships commissar makes her take all the Back Handing extremely lightly alongside all of the sexual torture, rape, humiliation, verbal abuse, and servitude she's been bound up in. And she does is all with a sweet smile and attitude that eventually drives her up a tree and makes her be Put On A Bus and into The Crazy House.
·         The Load: Ray hates having to intervene and save Maggie when under enemy attack one time but never considers that Celine is the true load.
·         The Political Officer: Although her role is demeaning, Magdalene is a Commissar and was sent by OBJECT to make sure everyone is secure, ‘happy’, and taken care of, which infuriates Ray to some degree.
·         The Woobie: If you don't feel sorry for Magdalene something might be wrong with you.
·         Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Or for the whole universe at that.
·         Transhuman: To some extent as she was bred in a test tube to be a Commissar for OBJECT

-Rolento Brancusi:

·         Cruel and Unusual Death: Rolento is killed using the same war tactics that he pioneers.
·         Double Life: OBJECT Ocean Blue soldier by day, political zealot by night during the first season.
·   Extreme Melee Revenge: Killing alongside his Umbero radicals a shit ton of         Valguard's officials.
·         Gone Horribly Wrong: Rolento's attack on OBJECT forces gets all of his troops killed and lands him as a POW.
·         Implacable Man: Rolento hunts the officials of the OBJECT to the ends of the universe and comes back every time they think they get rid of him
·         Kafka Komedy: Although Rolento has his own motives, when he does attempt to do right by the civilians of Umbero it blows up in his face so bad that he gets murdered brutally.
·         Prisons Are Gymnasiums: Rolento gets his alien muscles ripped after being captured the first time.
·         The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized: As we saw in the Blue Comet arc; nobody was safe and Umbero eventually overthrew the OBJECT brutally.
·         Well Intentioned Extremist: Rolento only wants good for humanity and fights to preserve their right to freedom, justice, and happiness yet has a really bad way of showing it.