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Key civilizations/races within the plot:

  • Humans (Earth): also referred to as 'Earthnoids'. These humans are originally from Earth and have lived there for hundreds of years. Earthnoids are classified by their geneology that must span at least 5 generations of individuals born on Earth to be classified as such.
  • Martians (Mars): Martians are technically humans yet due to the fact that no previous life existed on Mars prior to the human's terraforming of the planet, anyone born after the year of the final act of terraforming is considered to be Martian by birth.
  • Venusians (Venus): Similar to the case of Mars, anyone born after the final year of terraforming of the planet was to be considered a Venusian. Venus is less populated by humanity as only its two continents are populated by human life.
  • Jovians (Jupiter and its moons collectively): Alien life existed on Jupiter and its moons (primarily Europa and Io) before the advent of the human's arrival. Humans comingled with the Jovian race and developed a cross breed of humanoids that were much taller, lankier, and beautiful in facial apperance. However, the introduction of human bown marrow has caused the growth of these new humanoids to be extremely painful. These new Jovians live primarily on Io as it was colonized by both Japanese and French space colonists. Both of these cultures interceeded with the previous alien one and developed a unique artistocracy on Io. Many of its inhabitants have Japanese of French names/surnames that mingle with the original alien language.
         Examples of Jovians (from Io):

(male Jovian. Jovian's mixed with humans usually have pale skin and long, flowing hair to match their height, which at an average is 6"2 for women)

(a male Jovian not mixed with a humanoid. Jovians have darker skin, pale hair and a stronger bone structure to compensate for the gravity of Jupiter)

(Two Jovian soldiers during the current war in space suits)
  • Vernians (Vernia): The Vernians are an ancient race of humanoid aliens from the planet Vernia that is a part of the Quasar galaxy. Vernians are disticntive in their apperance as they don pale colored hair (usually in blue, green, purple, pink or a pale yellow) and crystal blue or green eyes that lack retinas due to the lack of very much sunlight that the planet recieves. The Vernians came to Earth years ago and co-mingled with the humans of Earth and bore a race of half human, half Vernian offspring notable for their pale hair and blue eyes. Although the cross breeds have more humanoid traits (retinas, etc.) the Vernians cohabitate with humans on Earth although their numbers are few as they have dispersed within the known galaxy. Their most notable trait is their intellect and technology that has assisted their acceptance within Earth society, however there are sects of political xenophobes that detest the Vernian race as they helped make advancements in the nuclear warfare that caused Earth's demise.
         Example of Vernians:

(Notable Vernian Zamuza Sid Miro-Meuller who was a captain of a famous battleship known as the Mekuban hundreds of years ago when the war between Earth and the Balangool errupted. He has long returned to his planet to live out the rest of his days)

  • Umberites (Umbero 7, also referred to as Umbero): The Umberites are humanoid aliens who range in average human height yet are missing pupils. They are able to see through extrasensory layers on their void like eyes. Many have dark hair and strong facial features as well as a tendancy to eat their own kind. Although this behavior has been curbed with the advent of the terraforming, the Umberites have a history of being extremely unadvanced with technology and being a chaotic evil. They are more civilized among their own kind as of now, yet the presence of Earthnoids and their allies causes them to be extremely violent.
         Examples of Umberites:

(a female and male Umberite, both sporting dark hair and strong facial features. The female Umberites have pointed ears whereas male Umberites have rounded, shorter ears.) 

  • Cyborgs/Androids/Etc: Companionship cyborgs and androids exist yet are only accessible to the rich and the elite and by 'perscription' to those who need them. The OBJECT has implemented the use of these cyborgs/androids to help with space induced lonliness during missions to their top ranking officers, pilots, and soldiers. These cyborgs can be customized to fit the needs of the individual, although those meant to have sexual function are hardly given. Most of these cyborgs/androids are female with the occasional male. 
         Examples of these types of cyborgs/androids:

(OBJECT Commisar-Type 70 meant for working for multiple crew members providing moral support, cooking, etc.)

(A soldier with his own personal OBJECT Fem-Type meant to constitute the responsibility as a companion and or spouse)