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A mysterious and semi-long forgotten mutiny between the major powers on Earth has finally culminated into a nuclear arms race gone hay wire. After years of fighting among themselves, the residents of Earth have gone to war with one another in a futile fight over who will ultimately retain control over the planet. With the dismantling of the United Nations, supremacy and horrific war crimes have substantially allowed for humanity to rely on nuclear weapons to squash their enemies. One day, however, a raging nuclear war destroys nearly 75% of humanity and leaves the great continents of Earth uninhabitable. The remaining few, in a futile effort to preserve the remaining bit of humanity migrate to the seas of Earth which are becoming just as polluted as the ravaged land they fled from. With a monstrous cloud of nuclear fall out encroaching on the land, a mysterious chain reaction occurs and soon a large land mass comes forth from the ocean. The surviving bit of humanity culminates on this landmass, colonizes it, and names it Relopotamia, an offhand name for the land that humanity has 'relocated to'. Years go by and Reloptamia is nearly populated once again to be a thriving civilization hell bent on creating a new, sustainable world with the advent of technology. However, with this came an excess of new births and the population of this land soon came into jeopardy. With this new crisis in tact, the remaining population of Earth decides to migrate into the vast vacuum of space.

*Note: Space has been already partially colonized nearly a few hundred years ago during an intergalactic battle that occurred with a race of half organic, half mechanical aliens known as the Balangool. Although many believe that this battle was a thing of legend, humans have gone out to colonize Mars, Venus, Jupiter (and its moons), and Saturn. Earth's moon had been colonized prior to these planets being fit for terraforming, however it was occupied by the Earth's top military & scientific organizations and not fit for civilian cohabitation.

During the era preceding the nuclear war & fall out, a covert mission to search for new planets that had conditions similar to Earth was undertaken by a space program known as OBJECT. OBJECT sent a manned space craft of 10 individuals (all of which came from their respected fields. The three notable individuals that support this plot being Raymond Barrett, a colonel within the United States Army, Valguard Sune, a commanding officer in the New British army, and Tom Turlington, an American astronaut who was notable for his missions to Saturn) out to a planet called Umbero 9. Once on the planet, the crew realized that the people of Umbero were nearly humanoid in appearance yet behaved as pre-historic savages, eating their own kind and behaving as war mongers. Through an excessive tour spent on Umbero 9, the crew established peace among the people, taught them the languages of Earth, and introduced them to Earth's then advanced technology. Through this, the aliens of Umbero 9 were assimilated to accept the ways and democracy of Earth and soon established their own sentinel government. However, during the nuclear wars happening on Earth their planet was long forgotten yet the aliens of Umbero 9 continued to build their government and foster new technological advancements to better their civilization.

Upon a meeting held in Relopotamia, the OBJECT resurfaced and gained political strength as the newly founded government on Relopotamia was in its early stages and particularly nonexistent, soon becoming the figurehead of a new sovereign government. Valguard Sune soon came into power within the OBJECT and began to serve as their chief of command, being falsely hailed as the hero who colonized Umbero 9 when most of the responsibility for this lied in the hands of Raymond Barrett and Tom Turlington. During the war, however, their titles were tarnished as Raymond was responsible for the death of his troop during a raid whereas Tom left his position to work with pacifist groups that were being directly affected by the war for their message of ceasefire and peace. Both were put on suspension from the OBJECT and thus Valguard came to power. Valguard proposed that the remaining bit of humanity seek shelter on the land previously terraformed years ago on Umbero 9 and once again a war ensued; this time between the Umbero people and the OBJECT. In a desperate attempt to have another inhabitable place to solve the new population problem on Earth, the war between the new object OBJECT government and the Umbero ensued.

At this time, Valguard Sune contacted Raymond Barrett, who in his disillusionment with the OBJECT had returned to working with the remaining United States Army as they were being lead to believe that the OBJECT needed assistance in the war. Valguard offers Raymond a position within the OBJECT to redeem himself of his past humiliation to be colonel of an elite group of soldiers and ace pilots who have helped the war advance in the favor of the Earth. Raymond is a bit weary of this offer, he accepts to redeem his honor and soon leads a formidable group of individuals against the Umbero forces. Knowing that the Umbero are fighting only due to the hostile terraforming mission that OBJECT is now leading against them, his feelings about the war border on disillusionment to also keeping an image of himself as a war hero. However, internal forces are against him within the OBJECT and soon he realizes that this is all a major set up to have him killed as Valguard wishses to now dominate the whole galaxy.

*Note: A backstory on Raymond's involvement in the OBJECT:
Raymond Barrett  is the disillusioned colonel within the United States Army and now the captain of  the new OBJECT space ship, The Lanzer. He has had a bit of backstory as far as piloting space crafts while being a part of the army and their involvement in space travel. He was a part of this project to terraform Umbero 9, which has of course landed humanity in yet another war with the civilians of the strange planet. Early on in the terraforming mission, the people of Umbero 9 were a cannibalistic tribe that displayed the inherent savagery of some sort of pre-industrialized Earth; cave people, war mongers, and prehistoric beasts roamed Umbero 9 before people like Ray colonized the planet and introduced them to, well, futuristic technology. Soon turning against the humans once they became ultimately enslaved and used for the terraforming project, a savage war broke out between the two groups and was somewhat 'stopped' by both Raymond and his friend Tom Turlington, who at the time was simply an American astronaut. However, their partner Valguard's deeds were ultimately rewarded albeit that Raymond was the one who initially helped reason with the Umberites. This soon leaved our main protagonist Raymond feeling appropriately disillusioned with the war effort years later and with himself as Valguard was ultimately chosen over him, causing internal tension within.
He returns home to his small industrial town on Rhelopotamia called Bone, starts a family, and forgets about ever returning to space. Raymond may have agreed to help in the war effort, yet after a stint of being in the face of danger with less than equip crewmen who die in droves in the presence of the suddenly hyper advanced Umbero 9 technology/weaponry, he becomes extremely depressed until the advent of a new military technology; the OCEAN BLUE armor. The OCEAN BLUE armor synchronizes with the wearer and allows for sophisticated combat, both in the vacuum of space and on the land. Its nearly indestructible by the Umbero 9 weapons and packs a punch on the battle field. Valguard appoints Raymond, who has 'met his favor' as being a part of the OCEAN BLUE project and gives him a team of ace pilots and soldiers alike.

  We soon see that he had his arm twisted behind his back the whole time; Raymond was actually responsible for the deaths of nearly 20 top soldiers during a mission once he returned back to the battlefield after nearly 10 years of retirement. He was rusty and cost others their lives, and instead of being killed for his actions he was ' imprisoned' in a new diabolical role within the OBJECT of doing whatever Valguard said (adding insult to injury none the less) and being his lackey, a lackey that actually should have been in Valguard's place. And so he does; being the captain to some highly pretentious assholes who know how to fly the OCEAN BLUE transformable mecha planes and a few arrogant soldiers who demean Raymond in every possible way is his punishment.

However, Raymond does have a friend in all of this; the notorious fighter pilot, astronaut, and overall intellectual badass Thomas Turlington. Tom has been Ray's best friend for years and he has a feeling that Ray might just bend under the pressure. He enlists to help in the effort just to make things easier for Raymond's team, shaping them up to act less like assholes to Raymond and revere him as an important figure in the war effort; he is a veteran captain and should be treated like so. However, Valguard's crafty bitch wife Amdura sees what Tom is doing for Raymond in hindsight and bequeths him to return to Earth and find some more intellectuals like himself that will fight in the war effort. He does and adds them to Raymond's team and things look a bit brighter from there. In addition to these two Earthlings, he adds two Klausian warriors, an eccentric engineer, a Mars OBJECT defector, and a strange boy who ends up being Ray's most reliable soldier. With this rag tag team working together to fight against Umbero, Valguard gets even more evil and sends them all on a death mission to Umbero. He forgets, however, that this isn't Raymond's first rodeo. What happens then is a part of a strange series of events, all the while brutal, that shape the whole course of the war and brings everything up in flames.